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Classroom Doodle a Day

31 December 2013

Tomorrow is January 1st and the start of the NEW YEAR!  First of all, how cute is this Doodle-A-Day January Challenge.  Every month, Rhi @Ellolovey via her blog Rhi-Creations posts a doodling challenge.  I think this would be so much fun in a classroom or even for an art teacher.  It's too bad that I am not an artist.  If I look at something I am pretty good at copying it, but coming up with my own doodles other than something with lots of hearts doesn't happen!

So who is ready to participate?  I'm going to do it for the month of January, (hopefully I will stick with it) but my doodles definitely will not compare to what I have seen on Instagram #doodleadayjan.  Maybe I'll practice some hand-lettering too!  Oooo I'm excited!  This is going to be a fun month!  Feel free to use the list above to participate and "share your daily drawing inspiration" on Instagram!

Happy Doodling!

Letter Writing with Flat Filly

29 December 2013

Ever heard of Flat StanleyFlat Stanley is a book series about a boy who until one night when his bulletin board fell on him, was normal. Now, he is only 1/2 an inch thick and can mail himself across the world in an envelope. Here's the linking point. Envelopes - Letter Writing - Teaching.

Drawn by Dawn (Lydia & Pugs)
Letter writing is an important skill for students to learn. Nowadays, while I am all for technology, writing an email and mailing a letter just aren't the same. Think about it, would you prefer a handwritten thank you letter or an email? Using Flat Stanley as a "hook" keeps the kids interested. So now you're probably wondering WHERE ARE THE DOGS? Every teacher I've talked to has the kids create their own flat friend and mail him to a family member, in hopes that they will take a picture with him/her and mail him/her back. So why not instead of creating a flat human friend, how about a flat canine friend? 

Having done this activity last year, I was ecstatic to be introduced to the Sassy School Counselor's blog and her creation of a "Flat Stouie" character education program.  Flat Stouie was inspired by a rescue therapy dog.  #sidenote, my first dog was a trained therapy pet.  Flat Stouie travels around the world making friends, visiting schools, and like Flat Stanley, goes on adventures.  Stouie is a Pitbull, and what is great about that is that in addition to encouraging reading and writing, it also increases awareness about this breed and how they are lovable and kind (contrary to what many people say).

Last year, when my students wrote their letters and created their "Flat Friend" I created a dog and a cat template and let them dress them up with fabric, pretty papers...etc...  Besides going to Michaels to buy fun colored and textured paper, I also found Fashion Angel Design A Heavenly Pet Wardrobe on Amazon.  Basically it comes with all different dog breed templates and comes with cut-out templates to trace for clothing!  I had to modify a few to make my "cat" template, but it worked out and the kids really enjoyed the activity, and all the while, learned the process of writing a letter.

If I were to do the activity again, I would have those kids bring in a picture of their dog/cat and create a silhouette from the image.  I found that many of my students asked for breeds that I did not have.

You could even go digital and link this activity to learning to write an email.  Something I actually did with my 2nd graders.  #digitaldog

Deck the Halls with Paws of Holly...Merry Christmas!

25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday and Winter break.  This will be a short blog post because I know everyone is busy with their families, opening presents, enjoying delicious holiday treats, and #stayingwarm in this cold weather.  Keep on the look-out for my linky going live on January 1st!  

I hope you all will participate!

Pumped for the Holidays: Christmas Questionnaire

15 December 2013

I feel like I'm on a roll here with all these linky parties that I am participating in for the holidays!  This "seasonal survey" to get to know my fellow teacher bloggers out there is super great!  Michelle at Fabulous in First has inspired me to do a New Year's linky (so be on the look out -- I don't want to spoil the fun!)

Hot Chocolate or Egg Nog?
I tried Egg Nog last year for the first time and I really didn't like it at all, so I'd have to say definitely hot chocolate with lots and lots of marshmallows!

Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them underneath the tree?
When I was little we celebrated both Hanukkah & Christmas! (double the presents)  I did believe that all presents came from Santa until I got a little older and then believed that he just delivered them for my parents.  Sometimes for my husband I write "Love Santa" on the card like my dad used to do for me.

Colored lights or white?
Depends.  One year I really wanted to make a Hanukkah tree but that didn't end up happening so I settled for white lights and I really like how clean they look on the tree, plus it makes all the ornaments stand out more!

When do you decorate?
A few days after Thanksgiving my husband and I will pack up our Fall decorations and pull our Christmas ones out to start decorating.  Usually it begins with changing the hand towels in the bathroom.  #dogchristmastowels

Real or Fake Tree?
I've never had a fake tree so REAL for sure!  I love the smell of the tree, though this year, our tree is not as nice as the ones we've had in the past.  #homedepot

What Tops your Tree?
I really don't like stars on top of the tree (I'm not sure why).  So it has been a tradition in my family (and now with my husband) to put my childhood toy on top of the tree.  His name is Snowman but we call him Shnowman because when I was little that is what I called him.  He is the main character in my favorite Christmas movie The Snowman by Raymond Briggs.

Favorite Christmas Memories or Traditions?

Ever since my husband was little, his family tradition was for each family member to get one new ornament a year and write their name and year on the bottom.  So now at 26 years old he has one for each year (plus all the bulbs and some family ones they got together).  We've been together since 2003 so I have 10 in this collection and it continues to grow.  This year we got a "Our First Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. one!)

Do you remember your favorite gift as a child?
I remember a lot of the gifts I got but I don't recall which was my favorite.  Probably the Snowman!

Do you prefer giving or receiving?

What is your favorite Christmas song?
All I Want For Christmas

Candy Canes. Yuck or Yum?
Yum, but we stopped putting them on our Christmas trees because nobody can ever eat that many of them.  They are really good in hot chocolate though!

Favorite Christmas Movie?
The Snowman -- it is a picture book video with no words!

Do you shop online or at stores?
Both.  Most people don't like to shop on Black Friday but it has been a tradition with my husband since we started dating.  Other than Black Friday shopping, I do the rest of my shopping online.

Photo Cards, Letter or Store Bought Card?
Photo Card!  This is the one my hubby and I sent out this year.  The back has a QR code on it!  #techie


All I Want For Christmas

12 December 2013

I absolutely love holiday shopping and gift giving.  I tend to go a little overboard, especially with gifts for my husband.  I'm very excited to join Hope's linky via 2nd Grade Shenanigans and share some of my gift ideas (some of which I've already hinted to my husband!)

I actually just decided that I wanted a pair of duck boots after my yearly spraying of all my suede and leather boots but I can't decide which ones & then I have to figure out sizing since in certain shoes I am a 7 and in others I am a 7 1/2 (& apparently in LLBean you go down 1-1/2)

Left to Right (Sperry, LLBean, Ugg)
My husband will definitely say that I have too many Uggs.  However, I definitely don't have any monogrammed Uggs and my current classic chestnuts have very little lining left in them.  I wear them A LOT!  I love all things monogrammed, especially now that I am married and have a new monogram, plus my feet get really really cold!  (If they made heated Uggs like ski boots I'd probably get them...)

Longchamp is by far my favorite handbag company!  They are super durable and they have a great policy in terms of replacing if it rips.  In college one of my handles ripped off and I sent it in to have it fixed.  A monogrammed Longchamp tote is something I do not have and definitely want!

I love Lilly Pulitzer & this Riley Infinity Loop Rayan Scarf has been calling my name because the periwinkle blue is my favorite color and it is covered in zebras.  In addition to loving dogs, I am partial to Safari animals because of my honeymoon in South Africa.
This is a really neat poster by Pop Chart Lab that lists all the breweries in the United States.  Such a fun, clever, and unique gift that will surely keep on giving.

This gift could either go here or under "For the Dog Lover."  Who doesn't wear ties?!  Vineyard Vines has a special Dog Lover collection.  This one in particular caught my eye because it is called "Chili Dogs" #haha

This is brilliant.  It is a speaker but all you need to do is place your smartphone on top and it amplifies the music.  No setup required.  Great gift for those are not technologically savvy. *available at Soundflow

I can't even go into detail on how amazing these Ugg Lounge Pants are that I found at Nordstrom.  I actually have them for women and last year gave the men's version to my husband the hoodie/pant set to my mom.  They will keep you very warm on those cold, snowy days.

Isn't this Kate Spade GIANT desktop eraser adorable.  I love all these punctuation symbols since we use them everyday.  Okay, maybe not the hashtag and the asterisk in the classroom, but definitely the others!
I stumbled upon May Designs Maybooks last year and I fell in love!  The covers are completely customizable with different color/style options and you can add any text to them.  The inside can be lined, plain white, grid...etc..even in a planner format.  My fingers are crossed that they come out with a grade book or teacher lesson planner option.

Fresh Sugar Treasures (available at Sephora) is a great buy!  While $50 is a lot of money to spend on lip products.  I would buy this, open it, and give one to each of my girl friends.

This was just released in some stores on 12/11 at 9pm.  Luckily for me, I ordered it from Sephora and got it one day early!  I am obsessed with the Naked 3 palette.  I have Naked 2, but I love the rose gold palette.  This is an awesome stocking stuffer for the beauty diva or anyone who likes to use warm colors for their makeup.
My phone is always running out of juice because I am always on it.  The Mighty Purse by Handbag Butler is a fusion between fashion and technology.  It is sold out online on most websites but I was lucky to find one to send as a gift to one of my closest friends.  It is a bit pricey for a stocking stuffer but for something so fashionable and so #techie, I think it is well worth the price. Plus they have a lifetime guarantee!
Recently while on Instagram someone posted a picture of their afternoon tea and it was #SPARKLY!  Literally, it had glitter in it that you can drink!  I had to figure out where it came from and how I can get it for stocking stuffers.  It is a black tea with a hint of vanilla and orange peel by David's Tea and is called Glitter & Gold.

First of all, besides periwinkle #love , green apple and royal blue (wedding colors) I am obsessed with anything rose gold!  Inkspot Workshop has some of the cutest dog themed holiday gifts and stationery!  I love that you can send in a photo of your dog and they will create a silhouette and then use that on the stationery you order.  I of course had one done of Filly and a second for my neighbor and her dog.  Below is their rose gold foiled notecards!  #perfectforthedoglover
Who doesn't want a custom figurine or stuffed animal that looks exactly like their dog?  Cuddle Clones actually use pictures to create a replica of your dog.  I think it is adorable!  Though, for $199 I wouldn't recommend letting your dog have it as their own toy, but I think it would go nicely as a classroom pet!  I've personally been eyeing the earrings.  I want to convert them into a charm for my planner.

Doesn't this Martha Stewart Dog House from Petsmart look like a doggy gingerbread house?  I would love to give/GET one of these and use it in the classroom as decoration.  Maybe have the kids decorate it to look like a gingerbread house?  I think it is adorable.  This may not be a "gift" item for a dog lover, but I had to share because it is so cute.

Alex Woo has some really adorable jewelry.  I'm in love with her paw print, dog bone and puppy necklaces.  These are great gifts for any dog lover.  They come in sterling silver, gold, and diamonds!


Happy Shopping!

December Currently....5 Days Late

05 December 2013

Linking up with Farley for December's Currently!  I love the artwork designed by Faith @ 1st Grade Fantabulous.  I think it is such a fun idea to have your design featured.  I might have to submit one some time in the future!

LISTENING: To the sound of running water.  I really wish it was raining.  I love the pitter patter on the roof.  Just no thunder because Filly goes bonkers #needthundershirt

LOVING:  My Christmas decorations outside and the Hanukkah decorations inside.  We have a reindeer dog outside with lights!  *Hanukkah decor comes down tomorrow, but I love my Waterford menorah.

THINKING: About all the things I need to do before Christmas!  Started wrapping presents today.  #stillsomany & hubby and I still need to go get a tree!

WANTING: To win the lottery so I can buy presents for everyone!  (I also WANT to find a job!)

NEEDING: To finish my wedding digital scrapbook and South African honeymoon photobook.  The hubby and I got married in May and we still haven't picked out our favorite pictures!  He's in charge of the honeymoon photobook though.  We have over 2500 photos!

FAVORITE TRADITION: Getting a new ornament every year and writing the year on the bottom.  My husband has been doing this with his family since he was little.  I started doing it with him when we started dating back in 2003.  This year we got a wedding ornament to celebrate our 1st Christmas as Mr. & Mrs.

Linky Party! What I've bought....SO FAR!

03 December 2013

Today I decided to link up with Blog Hoppin' to share all my purchases for the TPT Cyber Monday/Tuesday SALE!  This is actually my FIRST time purchasing on TPT & my FIRST linky party!  I'm super excited to share with all of you what I got!  I didn't do much in the way of Holiday themed purchases since I am still looking for a job, but I love love love what I got!

1. D.O.G. Student Organization Binder & Parent Communication Binder.  This {Daily Organizational Guide} has everything you could possibly need to keep your students organized and to communicate with the parents, and I love the dog and paw prints graphics!

2. Dog Gone Good Behavior Clip Chart.  I was recently shadowing in a classroom and the teacher used the stop light system which I really liked.  She added on the color "purple" for those students that were doing an outstanding job, and at the end of the day, any student that was in the "purple zone" got to get a sticker.  Since I love dogs, I found this chart on TPT and knew instantly that I had to have it!
3. Glitter iPad Tablet Clipart.  I am such a #techie and I absolutely love my iPad and since I have experience using the iPad in classrooms I saw this clipart and I thought it would be fun to use on my iPawd page.  Plus + who doesn't love glitter?!!

4. Dog Theme Poster Bundle.  This bundle has EVERYTHING!  Dog themed Parts of Speech, Poetry, Figurative Language, and School Calendars.  I love it because it can be used as classroom decor as well as useful to include in student reading/writing folders and/or notebooks.

Happy Shopping!  10 hours 13 minutes to go