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07 February 2014

While I don't currently have a classroom right now, you will constantly find me scribbling notes and doodling pictures with ideas on how I want to decorate my dog themed classroom.  I don't go anywhere without my May Designs Maybook (I just wished they had a paw print design).

Recently I discovered Schoolgirl Style and am obsessed with her Dog Dayz collection, so much so that I bought it, along with the "Decorate Like a Pro" e-book!  I absolutely love the dog silhouettes, and since I learned how to make my own, I'll be able to add a few of Filly around my classroom.  (I wonder if the kids will be able to "spot" him!)  What is great about purchasing the full collection is that it all in a digital format so you can use what you like and many of the items are editable.  Personally I'm not that much into chevron, so I might incorporate more paw prints, polka dots, or some metallic into the mix.  But I definitely need to come up with something for the ceiling!

I've already started accumulating dog-centric items for my "future" room.  I made a trip to the Dollar Store and picked up some really cute dog bowls to use to hold crayons or erasers.  Of course I got the idea from Schoolgirl Style, but I managed to find some with dogs on them already.

I also found these wooden dogs on Etsy and contacted the store owner  to see if she could make larger holes to fit markers.  I got this idea from student teaching in a classroom where the teacher used rectangular blocks of wood, drilled holes in them, and used them to hold the markers.  This ensured that the caps were always on and they didn't dry out.  I'd probably spray paint the dogs black, otherwise I know they will eventually be multicolored.

Have you ever sat in a dog bed?  I've been in classroom where the kids sit on carpet squares or pillows but why not dog beds?  They are super plush and some of them are big enough to fit more than one student which is especially great during partner reading.  While I don't think I'd be able to get a bunch of bagel beds from Baylee Nasco or Bessie and Barnie (unless they donate them), you can easily make your own using with fleece fabric and stuffing!  #diy
The hubby and I have actually started building a mini doghouse from extra wood we found in our shed.  We've already cut the pieces, and pretty soon we will put them together.  Probably once the weather warms up.  We also need to somehow figure out how to cut the opening in the front.  It's been a fun project.  Might have been easier to just by this from Petco, but still, it'll be great when it is finished and the one at Petco is a bit pricey.  All I need now is a Cuddle Clone of Filly to put inside and use as our classroom pet.  #fingerscrossed #enteringcontests #hopeiwin

For my desk I already got a name plate made with paw prints of course!  It is by a company called Kasefazem, which is in Portugal.  I found it on Etsy.  *I love Etsy!  Isn't it adorable.  They can make it in any color.  Originally I had it in pink, but I decided black was better.  I also got a notebook made and a classroom rules sign (digital format).

Desk Name Plate

Both my notebook and classroom rules sign have a custom illustration of Filly!  I will definitely have to remember to do a future post titled "the many illustrations of Filly," because I have a lot!

Classroom Rules: P.A.W.S and Think

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