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13 November 2013

Okay so ever since I started my wedding planning last year, and all the way up to my wedding this past May I have been obsessed with foiling.  So much so that I wanted to come up with fun ways to incorporate it into classroom decor, labeling, and crafts for the kiddos.  Last year around this time for Hanukkah I decided to teach my 2nd graders how to use the cut and paste features of the toolbar in Microsoft Word, along with the shortcut keys.  Typically I save the shortcut keys for 3rd grade and up, but I knew that for this lesson it would be beneficial.

My plan for them was to type Happy Hanukkah once, highlight the text with a space, copy, and paste until they filled the page. Once they were finished, they were to hide their name (first last) in the text.  Now that they completed the actual lesson on learning to copy and paste I let them play around with changing the fonts.  Rather than printing right away, I had all my students save their work on the 2nd grade class flash drive so that I could print their work on a dreidel template that they would later cut out and mount on a foam dreidel cut-out I picked up a Target to make it really stand out.

Last step and my favorite part was to find their name in the text, carefully cover with my special foil, and run it through my laminator to transfer the metallic finish.  The students loved the finished product and we hung them for our school Hanukkah party!  I wish I took a picture or could find my sample product in my teaching storage box.  As it gets closer to the holidays and my husband and I take out all our Christmas/Hanukkah stuff (we celebrate both), I hopefully will find it and be able to share with all of you!

For now here is a silhouette of my dog Filly that I had made by Inkspot Workshop/Firehydrant Press.  It initially came in black but I learned how to gold foil using Adobe Photoshop Elements.  I'm looking forward to purchasing some note cards in ROSE GOLD foil in the future.

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